Sharing experience to

unlock the power of synchrotron light

in the Middle East.

Transferring knowledge to the community emerging around SESAME synchrotron to fully exploit the brightest x-rays of the Middle East.

This is open sesame

Open Sesame



Knowledge, skills, experiences & best practices

A training path designed to foster scientific and technological excellence in the Middle East and neighbouring countries

Storage ring operation

Equipping staff with the technical skills and knowledge needed to operate the storage ring.

Machine commissioning

Putting the installation into service and guaranteeing its proper function.


Guiding the set-up for an optimal use of the facility’s instrumentation and general equipment.


Abiding by correct protocols and procedures to carry out research safely.

Beamline techniques

Providing state-of-the-art techniques for spectroscopy, scattering and imaging.

Coordination of user access

Organising and arranging applications and access to SESAME for external users.

Stakeholder engagement

Fostering an open dialogue with local stakeholders and funding bodies.

Public outreach

Raising awareness about SESAME among citizens

Open Sesame



and staff exchanges

Training staff across science, technical and administrative needs to build user capacity in a multinational, multicultural and multidisciplinary environment.

Schools & Workshops

A tailored “HERCULES” school, four thematic schools, and industry workshops to educate young academic and industrial researchers on the broad basics, techniques and applications of synchrotron radiation in the fields of Cultural Heritage, Biology and Biomedicine, Structural Biology and Environment.


1-3 month fellowship programmes for selected Masters and Doctoral students to visit a European light source facility and carry out their research project

Staff exchanges

Visit programmes to strongly nurture hands-on experience in the use of synchrotron radiation and its applications

Training Materials

An online warehouse to gather and share all OPEN SESAME training materials for students, scientists and staff alike.

Open Sesame


11 world-renowned organisations spread across 8 countries

Bringing together 150 years of accumulated light source operational know-how for the growth of a new research infrastructure

Unparalleled knowledge and expertise to empower academic and industrial scientists from the Middle East and neighbouring regions and to ensure an optimal exploitation of the SESAME light source


what's going on

keeping you updated on OPEN SESAME initiatives
OPEN SESAME supported a media field trip to SESAME linked to the 2019 World Conference of Science Journalists.
OPEN SESAME at the CERN Open Days
Science journalists visiting SESAME on a Field Trip supported by OPEN SESAME
July 2019
Two OPEN SESAME training visits with a focus on communications
23rd to 27th June 2019
OPEN SESAME - Environmental thematic school
2nd to 4th July 2019
OPEN SESAME - Safety Workshop
HERCULES@Sesame: two weeks training school (26 Oct-7 Nov 2019)
28 & 29 October 2019
SESAME 1st Industry & Applied Science Workshop
June 2019
First scientific paper with data from SESAME published!
30 Sept 2019 to 4 Oct 2019
Joint OPEN SESAME and Instruct Macromolecular Crystallography Thematic School
27-28 June 2019
Workshop on Scientific Case for BEATS - Beamline for Tomography at SESAME
March 2019
OPEN SESAME’s 70th training visit
SESAME becomes the world's first large accelerator complex to be fully powered by renewable energy!
30 January 2019
SESAME wins 2019 AAAS Award for Science Diplomacy
December 2018
Podcast Series: Remote X-ray Data Collection from European Synchrotrons
November 2018
CORBEL’s 2nd Open Call for biomedical research projects
November 2018
OPEN SESAME Fellow Shamila Imtiaz benefits from training at ALBA synchrotron
OPEN SESAME has submitted its 1st Periodic Report to the European Commission!
19 july 2018
Scientists from The Cyprus Institute Become the First Official User Group to Use SESAME Light Source
13 July 2018
SESAME session at ESOF 2018
June 2018
Meet Greta Facile – OPEN SESAME’s 40th trainee visit
June 2018
The XAFS/XRF beamline scientist at SESAME visiting INFN
May 2018
Good vibrations: diary of an ESRF expert visiting SESAME
14-18 May 2018
Report on the Ancient Materials Training School
16 May 2018
International day of light: celebrating a new source of light for the Middle East
14-18 May 2018
OPEN SESAME/Instruct-ERIC workshop "Remote X-ray Data Collection from European Synchrotrons at the Weizman Institute
7-10 May 2018
First Module of training programme for young research administrators and managers now in Cyprus!
May 2018
The 2nd call for fellowship applications is open!
14-19 April 2018
Short report on the Life Science and IR Microspectroscopy thematic school
February 2018
Radio Frequency technician from SESAME spends 4 weeks at SOLEIL
February 2018
4 visitors from the OPEN SESAME project at the ESRF!
14-18 May 2018
Ancient materials Training School - 14-18 May Nicosia, Cyprus
September 2017
10th Visit completed: Koryun Manukyan from SESAME spent 4 weeks at SOLEIL
October 2017
First announcement: training and networking programme for young research administrators and managers
July 2017
Beamline scientist from SESAME visits the ESRF
May 2017
First Exchange completed: Iranian Student at CERN
May 2017
First call for fellowship applications - CLOSED
16 May 2017
The SESAME Synchrotron inauguration - Invitation only
30 April 2018
SESAME's infrared (IR) spectromicroscopy beamline is in service!
April 2018
SESAME Beamline Scientist spends 4 weeks at SOLEIL
February 2018
ALBA hosts 2 staff from EMRC on Safety issues
14 to 18 May 2018
Open-SESAME and Instruct-ERIC workshop: “Remote X-ray Data Collection from European Synchrotrons at the Weizmann Institute of Science”
22 November 2017
First light for pioneering SESAME light source
November 2017
FIRST ANNOUNCEMENT: Life science and IR Micro-Spectroscopy thematic school, Submission Deadline: 15 December 2017!
November 2017
Special Session dedicated to SESAME at World Science Forum 2017
October 2017
OPEN SESAME brings valuable training to students from the Middle East
Open Sesame



A series of events to raise awareness on SESAME as a driver for scientific and technological development

Integrating SESAME into the public and socio-economic landscape to fulfil its role as an important driver for the scientific, technical, cultural and economic development of the region.

The roadshow will target the scientific communities and university students in SESAME Members. The objective is to organise one roadshow in each Member over the lifetime of the project, visiting institutions that are considered pivotal to SESAME activities.

The presentations will focus on the following topics (a) presentation of SESAME and the synchrotron light infrastructure, (b) thematic presentations in order to raise awareness among specific scientific communities which can be benefit from the use of the synchrotron light facility, (c) presentation of the project and SESAME training activities, and (d) presentation of the access call procedures.



Edward Mitchell Project Coordinator
Nazaré Guimard WP2 Leader
Miguel Aranda WP3 Leader
James Gillies WP4 Leader